Montag, 13. April 2009

Buffalo DriveStation Duo™ (change Fan / spin-down)

Today i got a "DriveStation Duo™ 1TB" very cheap an it works well on my server.
Also it has an Raid Controller on Board, so you only need to connect it to a windows or an mac to enable the raid option.

After that you can connect the USB 2.0 external HD to every OS which support USB Devices.
The "Secure Lock" is only a Window Software so it not on Hardware basis.

1. Change Fan
The original FAN is very loud, you will hear it when the device started or when it is to hot.
So i decide to open the case and change the standard 50mm Fan with 3 PIN Fan Control with a Revoltec "Air Guard" 50mm.

This works very well and because the Fan has more power then the original Fan, it need less time to cool down the system.

2. Spin-down the Harddisk (hd-idle)
Because i don't need the Harddisk every time of the day, i decided to spin-down the Harddisk.
For Linux you can use the wonderfull Tool "hd-idle" ( from Christian Mueller.

With the Kernel 2.6 you don't need any Kernel Patches to get this working.
But you need to make some changes to allow the automatic "spin-up" after a "spin-down".

I have made following changes

# USB external Device allow_restart fix (i/o errors)
SUBSYSTEMS=="scsi",DRIVERS=="sd",ATTRS{vendor}=="SAMSUNG*",ATTRS{model}=="HD501LJ*", RUN+="/bin/sh -c 'echo 1 > /sys/class/scsi_disk/%k/allow_restart'"

You can test if this is the right thing when you try the following:
cat /sys/class/scsi_disk/*/allow_restart

When it display "File not Found" then you need to check if the device has another path.
When it display "0" you see that automatic "spin-up" was not enabled and can try "echo 1 > /sys/class/scsi_disk/*/allow_restart" to allow it.

When this works, you can make the changes in the UDEV config file.

After you have change the Fan and use "spin-down" the external HD with RAID 1 function is very silence and works without any problems under Linux also you can format it with ext3 and it works without any problems.

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